About the Artist

“Everything has its own unique life force. I strive to bring out the inherent beauty and dignity in my subjects, sentient and insentient, through my art.”

Deeply influenced by her Buddhist practice, Denise Fryburg paints directly from life, and has an extensive background in classical drawing and impressionist painting. Denise is a contributing artist at Gallery35 at Community in New York City and the Arts Society of Kingston. She has recently joined the editorial staff of The Sankofa Review, an online blog/magazine about art, artists and culture. Denise’s paintings and drawings have been selected for exhibitions at the National Academy Museum, The Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center and the Art Students League in New York. Her work is in several private collections.

“Who can fail to be captivated by the beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom in the moonlight? And on a glorious day, we all look up at the blue sky and think, “How wonderful!” The bubbling of a stream delights the ear, refrshing our senses.  There are all examples of our intuitive love of beauty”.

Daisaku Ikeda
The Way of Youth
Art Transforms the Heart

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